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info required
RL28 144 black beard ray armstrong gosford, nsw, australia Hi, I have owned this boat for about 15 years or so. I bought it from a bloke in Qld who had bought it from the original owner. Apparently it was one of the last RL 28's made & was built for a Brisbane doctor to race. It was a special build & much kevlar & light weight materials were used. It also had extra mast height. The story goes that the doctor was so severally handicapped, after winning most races on the East Coast that he sold it in disgust! I would love to find out if all this was true, so if anyone has any info on black beard (sail # 144)I would love to hear from them.The Waterways rego plate number is AU-WWA 139994 with the letters & number GV5 stamped on it as well. The boat has a light blue superstructure & hull Many thanks.
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Re: info required
Sounds like a good story to me,and strange too. That would be I think the 5th time I have been told of "the last boat that you built"
The facts are that there were over 200 28s built, they were numbered in order, so that puts number 144 somewhere around 1986, but, yes we did build at least one in Kevlar, and the name "Black Beard"I do remember, although its performance record I know nothing of, so the story may be part true but slightly embellished

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