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RL24 trailer
I am looking for a manufacturer of dual axle trailers to suit my RL24. The single axle unit in use has 10 inch wheels and 8 ply tyres which are too hot to touch after a short distance. The boat weighs in at 1260kg without the camping gear which is pushing it as far as bearing loading goes for any sort of a trip. I also have a lot of trouble getting the boat on the trailer without it going off line or riding up on one side. Any assistance would be appreciated
Max Hogg18-Aug-2002    Edit    Delete 
RL24 Trailer
According to this web site an RL24 is about 660 kgs,an RL28 is only 1360 kgs but probably 2 tonnes all up with trailer.The 28 definately needs dual axle,but i get a lot of strain on the bearings/tyres etc. when close manouvering,particularily right angle parking on the hardstand.My 24 also has 13 inch wheels but on a single axle which appears quite sufficient to bear the load yet remain easily manouverable. "Retrieve-a-mates" go a long way to assisting lining up the bow onto the centre of the trailer,especially in cross winds on an exposed ramp,even single handed,but care is still needed to keep the flat bottom of the RL24 centred on the rollers.i have found even self centering rollers are not the ultimate,but every little helps.Try the yellow pages for a trailer manufaturer in your area.We have several in Perth so there must be a few in your part of the world (where ever that is)
Neil Ensor20-Aug-2002    Edit    Delete 
RL24 trailer
I bought the boat and trailer at Tin Can Bay in Qld. Had to take it off the trailer for rego weighbridge certificate to get the trailer regd in NSW (picky lot the RTA, wouldn't trust QLD rego cert details). Trailer weighs 260kg and gross weight with boat is 1400kg with motor and rigging. Trlr is a Redco rated at 790kg and is underated for the boat, has a slight bend in the rails hence the need for a new unit with a better roller system on the rear. Am located in Tamworth which is a fair way from the salty stuff. Have only sailed on inland waterways so far but would like to venture further afield.
Max Hogg20-Aug-2002    Edit    Delete 
RL24 trailer
Max, My RL24 on a single axle Tinka trailer, with 13 inch wheels. You will find most RL's on single axle trailers. Typically, these trailers use old holden hub assemblies. Your problem probably the small tyre diameter. A 10 inch wheel will give a circumference of about 1350mm, while a 13 inch wheel gives 1820mm (35% larger). So if possible, cheapest solution change the wheel hub assemblies in the trailer. rgds, iggy

iggy (rl24 Kandyman)20-Aug-2002    Edit    Delete 
RL24 Trailers
Hello Max Over the years I have owned 3 RL24s. The first on 13 inch radial tyre single axle trailer, 2nd on 14 inch wheel tandem axle both gave no problems & the last a single axle trailer was on 10 inch light truck tyres . The previous owner of this trailer used to put 45 psi in them with no problems but after I shattered 2 alloy rims I fitted up 175R 13 light truck tyres which was the end of my problems. The heat in your tyres could be due to under inflation. When retrieving we always keep the trailer square to the ramp & used a stern rope to keep the boat straight every time

Regards Rob

Rob Ritchie20-Aug-2002    Edit    Delete 
We towed our RL 24 from Brisbane to the Whitsundays and then back to Newcastle on a single axel with light truck tyres, withou problems. The centreing on the trailer was aleays a problem, a stern rope helped, but I always wished we had wider self centreing rollers. I can recommend the Whitsundays.
Rob Winn21-Aug-2002    Edit    Delete 
My trailer is an SA built Premier tandem axle with 14 inch radials. It carries the boat no trouble at all over any distance. As far as winching the boat onto the rollers - we had the same trouble until we talked to the people who made the trailer. The most important thing is to make sure that you do not submerge the rear roller, but leave it a couple of inches out of the water when retrieving. The boat is winched over the roller and it has to go straight. Some minor help is required on a windy day, just to keep the boat roughly in line but thats all.
Phil Moffatt22-Aug-2002    Edit    Delete 
rl24 trailer
I have a duel axle trailer with 14 inch rims and have had no trouble. One thing that I learnt the other day with a rego check was that with duel axle boat trailers, the rear bearing bear most of the twisting when manuevouring at the boat ramp and consequently need to be adjusted very regularly compared to the front bearings of a duel axle trailer or even a single axle trailer.
Steven Lymbery29-Sep-2002    Edit    Delete 

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