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Thinking of Buying
Hi RL24 Owners, I'm considering the RL24 as a choice for my first TS. I have been sailing dinghies and catamarans for around 25 years, have sailed a 42 footer for a week in the Whitsundays and hired a Sonata 7 for a few weekends on Lake Macquarie. I would really appreciate hearing from owners about the pros and cons of owning and operating an RL24. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Fair winds. Bruce
Bruce11-Aug-2002    Edit    Delete 
Huge cockpit for the size of boat. .. Nacelle for outboard,dive gear or empty beer cans. ;).. Tow with a family car.. Easy to rig.. Choice of swing or drop keel.. Still pretty quick around the buoys, particularly compared to similarly aged boats... Easy re-sale compared to some classes..

dave parker12-Aug-2002    Edit    Delete 
Thanks for your help Dave. I had a look at an RL 24 this afternoon and I was taher impressed with the design. Fair winds, Bruce
Bruce13-Aug-2002    Edit    Delete 
why an rl 24
I picked the RL because it was a prooven design, light enough to tow with a normal car avoiding the need for four wheel drives, satisfied my need for space when crusiing both inside and out and still allowed me to beat most modern boats around the race track. They were also more reasonable in dollar terms than other boats on the market. It can also be sailed successfully with two people avoiding some problems on some days when crew let you down.
STEVEN LYMBERY29-Sep-2002    Edit    Delete 

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