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Mooring chain
I have a 24ft houseboat for cruising around Pummicestone Passage as it is annoying shallow for Apache - anyway I have to replace the mooring chain as it has rusted to waifer thiness and I want to do it in stainless chain. Some local bar flys here are sprouting that stainless is no good for this as it does not last when it is fully submursed in salt water. Does anyone now anything about the properties of stainless. Thanks Geoff Mc
Geoff MCNamara11-Jul-2002    Edit    Delete 
Mooring Chain.
Stainless steel needs to be in contact with oxygen to work as stainless steel. That's why stainless bolts in bilges etc. rust just as quickly as black bolts.

Gary Ironside28-Jul-2002    Edit    Delete 

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