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What makes cruising special
This link to some high resolution photos are some examples of the rewards of cruising in our RL. I left them as high resolution because much of the beauty is in the detail.

INMA at Hill Inlet Whitsunday Island Oct 2008.

A visiting fish at Langford Island Oct 2008

Others are welcome to add to this with text or photos.

Greg26-Jun-2009    Edit    Delete 
Re: What makes cruising special
Re the montage shot .. how did you get rid of the edge perspective errors when setting up the montage ?
John27-Jun-2009    Edit    Delete 
Re: What makes cruising special
John, the shots were taken with an Olympus E520 in panoramic mode.

The camera saves the consecutive shots then when loaded onto the computer, the Olympus software merges the photos with a good fit. It is not perfect, if you zoom in you can see the joins in spots.

A bit off topic.

One feature of that cruise was we went away with the new camera and the instruction manual learning how to operate it on the water. 1200 high resolution shots later and most were pretty good.

INMA is in the center of shot dried out behind a sand bank, you can see the blue bimini if you zoom in a bit.

And with the fish shot the water is that blue.

Please others add shots of favorite spots.
Greg27-Jun-2009    Edit    Delete 

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