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Anitra - A Pleasant Reminiscence
I was delighted to see some great photos in the RL24 Picture Gallery of "Anitra", RL24 #332. These were posted by her current owners, Peta and Graeme Davis of W.A.
My interest flows from the fact that I purchased Anitra as a bare hull and deck from Rob in June 1981, bringing her down to Victoria from the Labrador factory behind the gallant little Fiat 132 we owned at the time. I fitted her out and rigged her over the next 16 months or so, finally launching her at Rhyll Y.C. (Westernport) in October 1982. She was the 3rd RL24 we owned and was set up with comfortable cruising in mind rather than serious racing. Nevertheless, goaded by 3 young offspring keen remain part of the RL circus, Anitra attended National championships regularly but with a monumental lack of success. However, on one glorious occasion, she won the Victorian RL swing keel State title, though in fairness, I have to point out that she was the only entrant in that division and the committee compassionately allowed us to have the trophy.
On the other hand, she cruised extensively and comfortably on all the major seaboard and inland waterways along the east coast leaving a trail of marvellous memories in her wake. Perhaps her most notable (and shortest) outing was a couple of days spent on Rocky Valley Dam in Victoria's Alps one summer. As we trailed her through the Falls Creek ski village, a group of incredulous construction workers downed tools and clapped us on our way. That holiday ended with another couple of (illegal) days on Dartmouth Dam but that's a story for another time.
In early 1991, the aforementioned offspring staged a palace coup in our family, usurped the authority of the ruling junta and arranged for the purchase of one of those new-fangled drop keeled RL24's. We parted with Anitra on 16th January that year feeling as if we'd turned our back on a dear friend. I hope earnestly that Peta and Graeme have as much joy and excitement in their association with her as we did over nearly a decade.

Ross Corben25-Jun-2009    Edit    Delete 
Re: Anitra - A Pleasant Reminiscence
Beautifully written, Ross. Let's see some more positive reflections on this board. There's so much great history in RLs and it shouldn't be just limited to Association stories.
James Shannon25-Jun-2009    Edit    Delete 

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