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Keel rusting shackle off
Hi all, I have a moored Mk 1 swing keel. The keel has 4 layers of epoxy primer and no rust anywhere till now. It has just rusted out completely around the lifting cable shackle. A 1/4inch stainless steel shackle. I pressume the rusted keel is cast steel. Any ideas ?
- has anyone heard of this happening before ?
- do i need a liner around the shackle hole in the keel ?
- Should i have a sacraficial annode?

- Could
Wayne Meyer25-May-2009    Edit    Delete 
Re: Keel rusting shackle off
Your keel is 11,000 grey cast iron,a material that is much more corrosion resistant than steel because of its high graphite content, and what you have is some electrolysis action with the stainless steel shackle. It would be advisable to drill a new hole in the keel either 20 mm above or below the old hole because it will be weakened. You will find that the keel can be drilled easily with a battery drill, and two men can pull the boat down on its side in shallow water to expose the keel. All should be well then for another 30 years.
Rob.25-May-2009    Edit    Delete 

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