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Replying to:Insurance on RL28
A recent discussion on insurance (RL24) was timely as I received my premium notice a week ago. I insured my RL28 for $35,000 with Club Marine on the advice of the broker when I purchased the boat - he was an agent. Too many other things to think about so rolled with this. I had to submit a survey and they (CM) had a number of issues. I addressed some and many I thought were fairly minor and have not addressed (yet). I guess this is a risk. New premium with Club Marine is $598.15 – I find there is a charge for their glossy magazine of $33 which I was previously unaware of but can be optioned out. Nice pics but..... Got a detailed web quote off RACQ. They do my other insurance and I am a Silver member - $36,500 value and premium was $430 which is quite a difference. No survey required from what I understand. Looks like it drops per year of no claims up until 5 years I think. I am finding with my house insurance that if I could be bothered shopping around each year I could save money. Example is that 2 years ago I swapped from Suncorp to RACQ and saved $100 premium for the same coverage. Now I could swap back to Suncorp and save $50. My aim is to cover pubblic Liability and 3rd party and the boat to write-off not replacement in the worst case. What are other’s experience with yacht insurance and premiums?