RL24, RL28, and RL34 Trailable Yachts
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Replying to:Bay to Bay update
Latest news: around 175 nominations, the bureau is forecasting 15 to 20 knot E/SE but you can probably take 5 off for being in the lee of Fraser Island. Damn near perfect. Thanks Rob. There have been a few adjustments to CBH on the basis of some spinnakers being a bit bigger than 20 sq m. Speaking of which, I tried to work out the area of a spinnaker using the formula on this site. I ended up with a minus figure because the shoulders of the kite are narrower than the base. Any clues on how to work the formula or is there another way of measuring? Back to the race; apparently RL numbers are good. Social success seems to be guaranteed. We have 5 24's booked in for a marina berth at Tin Can Bay tonight. Is the adrenalin coursing? You bet! Cheers