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buying a RL24
I am looking at buying a RL24. This would be my second trailer sailer has I owned a Hartly TS16. The yacht that I have had a look at has sail number 177 and hull ID No AW-WWAO25474DS6. What I would like to find out is year she was built. I have never sailed in a RL24 but reading through the RL sight I am looking forward to it.
As I will be sailing by myself sometimes I was wondering if there is any tips out there for raising mast. I will be sailing on the Gippsland Lakes and around Port Welshpool.
Appreciate any tips on sailing her.
Thank you.
ROD MALE7-Apr-2009    Edit    Delete 
Re: buying a RL24
Your boat would have been built during the 1977- 1978 season
Rob Legg22-Apr-2009    Edit    Delete 

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