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Replying to:RL24 Hiking Rule
Whoever drafted the rather unique RL24 hiking rule stuffed up in using the word sheer line. They should have used the word sheer strake. The sheer line is a line running fore and aft on an elevation view of a boat’s design drawings and it shows the amount of fore and aft sheer on the main deck of a boat. It is impossible for anybody to ever be outboard or inboard of the sheer line as they can only be above or below this line. The sheer strake refers to the top and usually thicker plank of the hull of a wooden boat. I myself prefer the word gunwale which refers to the upper edge of a boat's side and is the part of a vessel where hull and deck meet. If a crew member hangs out like in the photo in the Australian Sailing magazine and has his bottom on the RL 24 hull then by using a vertical line up from the gunwale it would come out of his legs just behind his knee caps. This would mean he is in conflict with the RL 24 hiking rule (see below). I also believe that the above hiking method is unsafe when being used in mixed fleet TY racing in heavy weather. Having your body down beside the hull unable to see what’s happening behind you when heavy TY’s are thrashing about in close combat, is dangerous, unseamanlike and unnecessary. Remember some of the crews might not have as much heavy weather experience and skill like the keel boat round the can racers who use the same hiking method. It is noted that the ‘bum on boats hull’ hiking method appears only to be necessary on the grand prix boats in heavy weather and this is due to their use of minimum weight keels. I say adopt the new YA TY hiking rule in full. (torso inboard and legs outboard) Attachment: From the 2004 version of the RL 24 class rules 121 Hiking No trapeze or similar device shall be used. Hiking is permitted, provided that when hiking in the transverse position, no part of the crew’s body between the middle of the thigh and the feet shall be outboard of the shearline. When hiking in the longitudinal position, at least one full arm and one full leg shall be inboard of the shearline.