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cabin sole on rl28
Anyone know how many transverse floors there are under the cabin sole. The boat is an earlier design. Sail number 19. Behind the showers water tank there is an area that doesnt seem to drain anywhere. I am wondering if a port in one of the floors under the sole may be blocked or whether there is a different system that was used in the design of the boat. Any help really appreciated.


dave parker17-Jun-2002    Edit    Delete 
RL28 water drainage
My early model shower drains into the bilge under the front "V" berth.I have detected a ledge back under the floor adjacent to the keel hinge bolt,which often gathers moisture.There appears to be a thin cavity under the false floor back to the engine compartment.below this there is 2 oval conduits set into the fibreglass running just above the keel back to the engine void.i have used one to wire a bilge pump,and siliconed them both to avioid damp from the front bilge and the engine compartment getting to one another. Mine probably leans forward now without the diesel motor in it.Are there any other owners out there like Dave and myself,who upgraded from a 24 to a 28 but could not let go of the 24?
Neil Ensor19-Jun-2002    Edit    Delete 
cabin sole on rl28
Thanks for the help.. Did I get it right? the two are separate bilge areas, and the water from the "forward bilge" does not enter the "main bilge" in the saloon.
dave parker20-Jun-2002    Edit    Delete 
The only conection between shower bilge and engine bilge appears to be the 2 conduits,running above the keel;otherwise water can only seep under the fibreglass flooring.Mine is split along the centre-line in the galley area which i can lever up if i need to sponge up any damp.
Neil Ensor26-Jun-2002    Edit    Delete 
Thanks Neil


dave parker3-Jul-2002    Edit    Delete 

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