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From the British Sportsboat Rule

Class rules should be clear and concise just like the following:


5.2.1 EWT is the weight of the empty boat in the following condition:

(a) Fully rigged with all spars (including spinnaker pole(s)), standing rigging, halyards, main sheet and vang.

(b) Main engine installed, or outboard engine on board.

(c) No sails, headsail or spinnaker sheets or guys, or spare standing or running rigging.

(d) Fuel, water and other tanks empty and gas bottles removed.

(e) No food, cooking or catering utensils.

(f) No anchor, chain, warps, mooring lines or fenders.

(g) No clothing, bedding or personal effects.

(h) No safety equipment.

(i) No tools or spare parts.

(j) No loose gear.

(k) No crew.

5.2.2 When batteries and fitted berth cushions are carried on board when racing, these may be left on board when weighing. This will be noted on a boat's certificate.

5.2.3 When for practical reasons it is not possible to remove all items and equipment (eg fuel), it is acceptable to deduct the weight of these from the gross weight. The Rating Authority reserves the right to refuse such data when inadequate detail is supplied.

5.2.4 The Rating Authority will calculate the EWT of an unweighed boat based on information from any other reputable source.

PS Remember that the RL24 was the first sportsboat designed and built in the Southern Hemisphere. The Rl24 was expected from day one to get up on the plane and go like the clappers.

Happy Xmas and have a prosperous New Year

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