RL24, RL28, and RL34 Trailable Yachts
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Replying to:From Yachting Australia's Website
Australian Trailable Yacht and Sports Boat Rule Released Glen Stanaway, Friday, 19 December 2008 Yachting Australia has released the Australian Trailable Yacht and Sports Boat Rule which can be used for racing eligible yachts under Class Based Handicaps (CBH). The rule can be found on Yachting Australia’s website under Racing Rules, Trailable Yachts. The objective of the Australian Trailable Yacht and Sports Boat Rule is to provide a national system for even and fair racing on handicap in a mixed fleet of trailable yachts and/or sports boats. This should result in racing success being primarily determined by the skills of the crew. The rule uses Class Based Handicaps to rate trailable yachts and sports boats. Key measurements are taken from the class and the formulated CBH is applied evenly to all boats of that class. New classes, or classes that have not submitted an application for a CBH can be provided a provisional CBH until their CBH is finalised. Boats that have been modified and are no longer class compliant can be handled on an individual basis. However it will be a rare class that does not already possess a CBH. The rule’s CBH list includes something in the vicinity of 150 standard trailable yacht classes, 30 Sports Boat classes and a great many individually modified trailable or sports boats listed under the CBH. The Australian Trailable Yacht and Sports Boat Rule provides a basis for the conduct of national and state-level championship for trailable yachts and sports boats, as well as for club and other events. The Capricornia Cruising Yacht Club (QLD) will host the Australian Trailable Yacht and Sports Boat Championship in June 2009. More information detailing this event and the Notice of Race will be published on the CCYC website shortly. This event will use the CBH list to determine its Australian Champion, will have an alternative division under PHS, and may even host a division under the Sports Boat Measurement System (SMS) pending interest. The event at the CCYC is not to be confused with the Bundaberg Rum ASBA National Sports Boats Championships being conducted at Skandia Geelong Week during January 2009. This event is being run by the Australian Sports Boat Association solely for sports boats and is being scored under SMS. For more information on either of these events contact the CCYC or the ASBA respectively. Other Links The Australian Trailable Yacht and Sports Boat Rule Capricornia Cruising Yacht Club Australian Sports Boat Association