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RL24 Rules and Regulations updated
The RL24 Racing Rules and Regulations have been updated on the Rl24 pages.
Keith Merkley16-Dec-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Rules and Regulations updated

Where did you get your version of the ‘Reprinted July 2004 RL 24 class rules’ from as it is substantially different from the Reprinted July 2004 ‘version that I have in my possession! Why are there two completely different versions of the 2004 rule under the same name?

The weighing method used in your version of the rules along with the declared mass of 454Kgs would be practically impossible to achieve. The new YA CBH system of weighing a trailer yacht aligns itself with the old RL Yachts P/L declared sail away weight of 660 kgs (see the RL 24 specification in this web site).

The YA CBH system will eventually use a computerised VPP system and if they use the declared RL 24 sail away weight of 660kg it would be closer to the boats actual racing displacement and it would help to improve the Rl24’s CBH rating.

Why can’t I see the RL 24 Assoc November newsletter in your website?

Alastair Russell17-Dec-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Rules and Regulations updated
The Rules and Regulations were provided by the Association. The version previously on this site was way out of date. I am not aware of any multiple versions of the 2004 document. I suggest you contat the Association if there is confusion.

Re the newsletter, sorry, I don't have a November issue. Was there one?
Keit Merkley17-Dec-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Rules and Regulations updated

Thanks, you have answered my question and I accept that the version posted above is now the current RL24 class rules. Correct me if I am wrong the RL 24 can now legally weigh in with all her gear and equipment onboard but without sails at 454 kgs. This includes the outboard engine along with a separate tank and with a minimum fuel load.

I have estimated and added the weight of the sails to the above figure and then estimated the weight of all the missing items to the old advertised Rl24 as built/ sail-away weight (660kgs). I come up with say 500kgs for the Rl24 in the new class rules and 720 kgs for the sail away/as built boat. I personally feel that these two figures are too far apart and you will note that the 720 number is now getting closer to Alan Owen’s 800 kg figure in his motion that will be voted on at the next AGM.

What I intend to do now is put both displacements weights into a comparison calculation using the declared British RYA sports boat formulae. It will be interesting to see what handicap rating figures I will come up with.
I also see that in the new rules the RL 24 swing keel boats have gone back to the 'as originally constructed centreboard box’ clause/condition’. I shake my head!

I am not a member of the association and I received a Newsletter in November.

Alastair Russell17-Dec-2008    Edit    Delete 

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