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Your comments please.
Hi everyone.
My wife and I are looking to purchase our first Trailerable and after a weekend with a sailing collegue in Paynesville Vic, have been strongly recommended the RL24 due to its good compromises for our requirements.
I have come from a Paper Tiger and my wife, crewing on many Trailerables. Speed is a factor, as is fun and low cost.
I welcome your comments please?
Other recommendations are Southcoast 22 or Castle 650 (cost issue)
Will be club racing regularly in Geelong.
Thanks in advance.
Geoff13-Dec-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Your comments please.
The key to finding a good RL has several issues that need to be considered, hull, engine position, keel type, rig and trailer.

The hull came in 5 configurations, Mark 1 (a bit rough but cheap), Mk 2 (better finish low gunnels still cheap), Mk 3 ( more room below, better finish and latter ones had a better engine mount), Mk 4 (factory drop keel less room below due to keel improved swept back rig without backstay) and RL24 modified (any standard RL with different rigs keels, rudder and hull configurations).

The engine position has 3 options, the standard position in the well, the later position in the well where the engine plate is about 50mm forward allowing the engine to tilt inside the stern and engine on a bracket over the stern with the well sealed off. A modern 5hp outboard with high thrust propeller is all that is needed to push an RL24 safely.

Keel types are Mk1 which was a light swing keel, Mk2 which is a heavy swing keel, Mk 3 which is a heavy swing keel, Mk4 which is a factory drop keel and drop rudder and modified which is generally a MK1 2 or 3 converted to a custom drop keel. Some people describe the Mk 4 as a Mk3 with drop keel.

Rigs vary with most RLs differing because most were fitted out by the owners or different riggers. The old fractional rigs used on the Mk1 and Mk2 are dated designs with limited performance. Mk 3s with adjustable backstays were getting pretty good but still require lots of adjustment to keep them efficient. The Mk 4s with pealgraine masts and Hood sails were the first of the skiff rigs where the mast bend and rig deflection allowed the rig to sail efficiently with less adjustment for changes in wind conditions. Skiff rigs have been adapted for many racing RLs with increased flexibility and better efficiency due to the more modern dingy masts.

Trailers are mainly about old home made, old manufactured and new manufactured. Corrosion kills old trailers and a replacement will cost $4000 so a cheap yacht on a stuffed trailer can end up very expensive if you need to add a $4000 trailer to get it to the water. The RL is an easy yacht to trailer around, buying one with a safe trailer with good modern brakes and wheels is important.
greg14-Dec-2008    Edit    Delete 
Modifed well engine installation
Intending to put my engine back into the well. Would appreciate any happy snap pix from someone with the modified installation to permit engine tilting.
John14-Dec-2008    Edit    Delete 

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