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Hi ive just noticed Rob Legg has posted a message on the forum,Rob if you are watching this site im desperatly after some construction plans for an RL28.I want to get one into charter survey in Victoria and the Marine Board want plans before i go ahead and buy a boat.After a lot of research your RL28 is the boat for the job,if you or anybody else could help me i would be stoked.
Dale Winward29-Nov-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Plans
Unfortunatly the only copy of the RL28 drawings that I kept was decimated by Silver fish a long time ago. However. If you were to approach either "NSW Maritime services board" or "Qld Transport" they should be able to help, as they hold plans for a considerable time.
I would be happy to give my permission for you to make use of any drawings held by them.
Good luck.

Rob.29-Nov-2008    Edit    Delete 
Thank you very much Rob for getting back to me I will pass that information on to the Marine board and fingers crossed we can come up with something.There was a boat for sale that had plans for a boat in survey but the broker said i had to buy the boat to get a copy of the plans and it didnt come with a trailer which didnt suit shame.But thats the way the cookie crumbles anyway thanks again Rob for your help.Google earth Mallacoota Inlet if you havent already been here and check it out perfect for your boats.
Dale Winward30-Nov-2008    Edit    Delete 

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