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Step for RL24
(I'm on a roll now that this forum is fixed - I just hope someone is still reading it!)

Does anyone else find the drop from the cockpit into the hull quite a big step?

I'm thinking of building a step - either a storage 'box' that can be held in place until access is needed under the cockpit, or some sort of hinged step that can fold out of the way when required. Others must have tackled this problem?

Any bright ideas?

Cheers, Rick

Rick Stockman4-Jun-2002    Edit    Delete 
Look at how the RL28 does it
The RL28 uses an ice box as a step. This allows a big ice box to be used without taking up useful space. I just used a couple of barrel bolts to hold the ice box in place and is quick to undo for under cockpit access.
Keith Merkley5-Jun-2002    Edit    Delete 
Ladder over Icebox
The setup on our RL28 is similar with the ice box underneath the entrance (home made job with angles to fit the port side of the hull allowing me access to underneath on the starboard side). An inclined three step ladder goes over the top of the icebox and locks in with two sliding locks.
Brendan B5-Jun-2002    Edit    Delete 
An esky or porta potty has always done the trick on my boat. As they are both used regularly, there is no wasted space either.

dave parker11-Jun-2002    Edit    Delete 
RL24 cabin step
(At my partners insistance).I used a piece of extruded aluminium placed between the two rear bunks.Actually it was an offcut piece of G.E.C. electrical wall ducting,I just happened to have laying around the place(I am an electrician and used to work for G.E.C.), notched at each end to make it's top flush with the top of the bunks,later covered with boat carpet. Because the bunks taper towards the rear of the boat,if carefully measured,it will slide back jambing into just the right position.
Neil Ensor13-Jun-2002    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 cabin step
Thanks to everyone for thier input on this.

Neil - I considered the 'plank' option you describe, but thats quite a span to have unsupported. I was worried if one of my heftier mates (100kg plus) was to drop on it, it could be fairly lethal.

Actually, the 'plank' option does seem to have an added advantage of providing another flat surface - particularly handy when cooking.

I'm still mulling the options over....

Cheers, Rick

Rick Stockman14-Jun-2002    Edit    Delete 
RL24 cabinstep
I am a 100kgs, and i have had no problems.The extruded aluminum duct i mentioned is approximately 45mm high "n"or "M",shaped about 150mm wide across the flat top and has separating partitions in it (running the length )which add strength.The little bit of overlap on the bunks (appox 25mm x 150mm x 1/8" thick )is quite sufficient because the webbed partitions and sides,pointining down,jam in against the side of the bunks and do not disrupt the matress's.One day i'll see if i can take a digital photo and email it to you ,but i think i may have deleted your email address. resend it if you are interested. An alternative i have seen is a thicker piece of wood,maybe 1" thick,supported by a 1"x1" block mounted either side attatched to each bunk.The step could be screwed to these permanently or can be slotted to drop the step into,or a couple of dowels to locate the step and stop it from sliding around.
Neil Ensor14-Jun-2002    Edit    Delete 
An Icey-Tek 40 or 60 litre ice box fits nicely, is strong enough to step on and holds heaps of tinnies. Cheers
mike hart21-Jun-2002    Edit    Delete 

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