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Anchors & chain storage on RL24
When I bought my RL24, the previous owner used the large open at the bow as his anchor & tackle 'storage'. The result was rather a tangled mess on the foredeck, which skated around in a sea or towing and made the foredeck dangerous to visit.

There is a chain locker in the bow, accessable via a small circular (about hand size) inspection port from above. If I use this, I have to shackle an anchor to the chain every time I use it, presumably after walking the anchor up from a cockpit locker. This all seems pretty cumbersome.

The other option is to lash the anchor on the bow roller, or elsewhere in bow? Am I missing something? Is there a better way to setup my ground tackle?

Any info much appreciated.

Cheers, Rick

Rick Stockman4-Jun-2002    Edit    Delete 
That inspection port was not put there as a chian locker. The area is a bouyancy tank- they are often foam filled btw.

I carry a stout bucket in the anchor locker. All chain and rode are stored in it. I also drilled a hole in the wells lip, where I use a shackle to hold the anchor steady. The system has worked quite well.

Hope this helps


dave parker6-Jun-2002    Edit    Delete 
RL24/28 anchor storage
I started off using a specially modified milk crate to store both my chain and my anchor(also keeps them off the deck thus preventing rust marks).Later i hose clamped 4inch sewerage pipe to the verticle push/pullpit. and then the anchor and chain slide in quite nicely and are ready for quick deployment.
Neil Ensor13-Jun-2002    Edit    Delete 
anchor storage
Thanks for the info Neil (and Dave)

I'm not clear on how and exactly where you are clamping the pipe to the push/pullpit? Any chance of getting some pics?

Thanks again, Rick

Rick Stockman14-Jun-2002    Edit    Delete 
Anchor storage
The 4"cream/white plastic sewage/stormwater pipe is attatched to the Stanchion supporting the pullpit at the front of the boat at an angle pointing forward, by 2 long s/s hose clamps ( I used to work for Utilux) around the pipe and around the stanchion,top and bottom,the pipe being about the length of the shaft of the anchor,so that the prongs are hanging out of the top and the shaft and the chain attatched slide down into the tube,the chain then hangs out the top of the tube and back down into the anchor well,then attatched to your anchor line,(and in turn always attatched to a cleat,or the base of the stanchion)which can be neatly wrapped up an secured with a velco strap 3M make some great little red straps with black plastic buckles and black velcro for this purpose,also terrific for tying up all the halyards and stays to the mast when towing!They used to sell them in W.A. Salvage for about 2 bucks each; perhaps try your local hardware store, wherever you are?.This position is great for quick tangle free deployment when cruising or in an emergency but might be considered a bit threatening during racing.
Neil Ensor 14-Jun-2002    Edit    Delete 
Anchor Storage
I have a hessian bag with rode, followed by chain followed be anchor. It sits neatly in front of the keel case and is lashed into positon. We simply take it out of the bag, and up through the front hatch, it is right under the hatch. the space(at least in my boat) is otherwise wasted and while sailing the weight is in the centre of the boat and just in front of the keel.


Chester15-Jun-2002    Edit    Delete 

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