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Help! Mounting pushpit on RL24
Hi All, I am in process of fitting a pushpit to an RL24 Mk4. Have sourced genuine pushpit from RL's original supplier, Boatfit at Gold Coast. Having problem in that forward mounting bolts appear to mount thru deck into boyancy cells, located behind cockpit lockers. There doesn't appear to be any access from underneath to tighten mounting nuts. Can anyone please give me an idea how these are mounted? Do I need to put an inspection plate on cockpit seat backrest, or thru outbord well forward face Any help or fotos of existing set-ups greatly appreciated! rgds, ian

Ian Green3-May-2002    Edit    Delete 
pushpit mounting
I cut off the bolts & had stainless steel flat plates welded on to match the angles of the gunwales. As I spread the pushpit and bolted it onto the aluminium gunwales with two 6mm bolts on each side. This is a bit more work but it does provide more usable deck space. I had used the original mountings as provided, by putting in screw in pastic hatches in the rear face of the outboard well area;very awkward to do, as they are up immediately under the deck. I strongly recommend you having somebody in the business of working on stainless marine fittings do the welding and bending. I did it but it could have been done better - I ended up with minor kinks in the stainless tubing.
Brian9-May-2002    Edit    Delete 

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