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Hydraulic Pump Not Working On RL28
The keel was raised and lowered onto a stop I use to take pressure off the hydraulics.

Without warning, my pump did not work to raise the keel enough to remove the stop.

I managed to knock the stop out and lower the keel by releasing the pressure using the valve.

I still cannot raise it.

1) Any suggestions? (I suspect the pump).

2) If I have to remove it for overhaul, are ther any suggestions or precautions I should take?

3) How do I bleed the system when I replace the pump?

4) Any ideas on raising the keel without the pump?


Malcolm Moir 6-Oct-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Hydraulic Pump Not Working On RL28
Hi Malcolm.

Sorry to hear abut your pump, and I am no expert in Hydrolics so I am afraid I can't asnwer your question, but rather offer an alternative possibility.

While I would much prefer to keep the boat as genuine as possible, and that would mean keeping the hydrolic ram lift system, there is another possibilty that I was thinking about while away on my RL29 recently.

A number of newer, lift keel boats are now installing electric winches to raise and lower the keel. If you removed the hydrolic ram from your saloon, I think their could be enough room there to easily install an electric winch in its place.

Just a suggestion, if all else fails.

I have actually been toying with the idea of replacing my manual hydrolic pump for an electric one. That may also be an option for you.

I am not sure what they cost. That is my next step to try and find out.

Best regards

Garry Beattie 8-Oct-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Hydraulic Pump Not Working On RL28
My pump is not lifting the board as quick as it use to.
I'm not sure how viable this would be but a recent visitor on my boat suggested fitting an electric hydraulic pump. I tend to think it's just more things that can go wrong, but I guess it's an option.
Jason 8-Oct-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Hydraulic Pump Not Working On RL28
Most of the hydraulic units on the RL28s would now be between twenty and thirty years old, and well overdue for a service. There are plenty of Hydraulic repair and service entries in the yellow pages.
If you are considering fitting an electric winch to do the job it would have to be capable of lifting 400 Kg, and the winch would be best fitted with an automatic cut off switch to activate when the keel reaches the full up position.
Rob. 9-Oct-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Hydraulic Pump Not Working On RL28
Hi Rob. The electric winch would need some serious thought and calculations. As I said earlier I would not like to go down that road, but if all else fails it could be an option for Malcolm.

Hi Jason. My manual pump requires about 140 pumps to bring the keel all the way up. I am not sure if that is standard or not but I do agree with Rob that perhaps a service on these units may be the best idea first, before looking at other options.
I am mainly looking at and electric pump because I sail single handed most of the time and do have to cross a number of sand bars in most places I sail too, so having a "push Button" lift on the keel rather than a manual pump would make life a lot easier.

I also agree with Rob in that a cut off switch should be put in the system regardless off what electric option is taken.

Best regards

Garry Beattie 12-Oct-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Hydraulic Pump Not Working On RL28
Maybe I don't have a problem after all, if memory serves me correctly my board comes up in about 50 pumps.
Jason 12-Oct-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Hydraulic Pump Not Working On RL28
Thanks to all respondents.

It was fixed by a local hydraulics company for 2 cartons of XXXX Gold.

Bleeding was not necessary when I put it back

Malcolm Moir 14-Oct-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Hydraulic Pump Not Working On RL28
Out of interest Malcolm, or anyone else, (Jason has now got me wondering) how many pumps does it take to lift your keel up?

What was the problem with yours?
Garry Beattie 15-Oct-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Hydraulic Pump Not Working On RL28
I have fitted a light truck tailgate loader electric/hydraulic unit to the keel of Rings-n-things. The unit had a built in pressure relief valve which I have set to release just above the pressure necessary to actually lift the keel, this ensures that the hydraulic ram is never over pressurised.
The hydraulic pump also has an electric operated dump valve which enables the keel to be wired up so that a three position self centering switch mounted in the cockpit is used to both raise and lower the keel.
I have also fitted a pressure sensing valve to the hydraulic line which ensures that there is always pressure in the hydraulic cylinder generated by the weight of the keel.
When the keel touches the bottom in shallow water the pump starts and then stops automatically as soon as the keel is clear of the bottom.
I call it my terrain chasing keel.
I hope RL 28 owners can make some sense out of this as the system has proved to be reliable and very helpfull in the shallow waters around Port Adelaide. If any RL owners would like more information ring 0882635139
Kingsley & Kay Whie
The unit was not difficult to fit and has proved to be reliable.
I fitted the pump under the cockpit floor which meant that the original hydraulic pipe was the right length and only had to be re routed to the new pump position.
I ha
kingsley white 20-Oct-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Hydraulic Pump Not Working On RL28
Hi Kingsley.
Are you in Brisbane?

I am very interested in both items you have fitted to your keel and would love to have a look.
From memory you have also fitted an electric anchor winch too, havn't you?

Garry Beattie 28-Oct-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Hydraulic Pump Not Working On RL28
I counted today - 80 pumps - could have sworn it was much less than this. I think in Rob Legg's R28 story it was 30 pumps when new.
The keel was stressing the safety wires before dropping. This is new as I could until very recently remove the wires without pumping the keel up a little. Also noted some hydraulic fluid in the locker under the pump on Sunday so tightenend the fitting and none today. Sounds like mine might need a service as well. The pipe in the locker is not very well protected and I suspect it might get a few knocks when things are put in.
Russell Rogers 4-Nov-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: HELP! Hydraulic Pump Not Working On RL28
Here i was congratulating myself on my 1982 pump only taking 30-odd pumps, when it got stuck in the 'Up' position & I couldn't lower the keel at all!

The problem was the alloy body of the release valve had unscrewed from the front alloy casting, instead of the steel valve needle moving, as this had jammed in its body. All attempts to rectify failed, as the thread jammed & was too flimsy to screw back in. The pump unit is a Fleet Hydrol unit with a circular alloy front & fluid reservoir rear in the locker, which I assume is standard fitout.

Anyway, the upshot is Fleet Hydrol don't make them any more & for the want of a small valve a new replacement with separate reservoir is required (at least with a front which fits the hole) is going to cost $2,000!! a new electric version would be similar.

HELP! Rob, have you got any old ones for sale? Anyone who replaced with electric still got the old one? Anyone know where to find parts?

I will have another talk with the local hydraulic man (Sunshine Coast), but I assume this is a marine design, so not widely available?

Meanwhile about the only option to go sailing is to put it into the marina & hope I can get it out again!

Another Malcolm

Malcolm Murchison 1-Dec-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL28 Hydraulic Pump - don't overtighten
Phew - I can now spend $2000 on something more interesting for the boat! After I got the pump back from the unimaginative hydraulics engineer, I dismantled it further & managed to screw the valve assembly out of the faceplate, then screwed it back in with epoxy putty on the damaged thread, using the needle-valve handle for leverage. Next morning, a sharp back tap with a hammer freed up the needle-valve & the assembly stayed put success! I think I got stuck previously because the pump block was a bit out of alignment & blocking reinsertion of the valve assembly.

I've now re-installed the unit & seems to be operating normally without leaks (despite damaged thread), although may need a bleed. Sea-trial required asap!

The pump can be fixed directly (freighted) by Fleet Hydrol in Sydney for a few hundred - nice to know I had a reasonable back-stop if my meddlings failed!

I reckon our troubles started with over-tightening the valve (to stop gradual keel drop), which jammed & led to the whole assembly unscrewing when trying to open something for all to bear in mind.

Malcolm Murchison
Malcolm Murchison 10-Dec-2008    Edit    Delete 

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