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Sportsboat Measurement System: SMS
The way I see it, a RL 24 could be rated for both the YV CBH and the new YV SMS system at the same time. All that would have to be done is to fit a short removable bow sprit, a 29er sized asymmetrical spinnaker and maybe a larger foresail when you want to go sportsboat racing. The RL24 would have to increase sail area to achieve the minimum sportsboat rating of .800.

The YV SMS rating system is at the moment a ‘secret’ measurement formulae that includes the boat being weighed. The cost of the rating process is set at a very reasonable figure of $40 compared with the cost of obtaining a modified boat CBH number.

Google ASBA .org.au and have a look at the Australian Sportsboat Association website and then google ‘RYA sportsboat rule’ and have a look at their formulae and rules. I wonder how close both the formulas will be in the end and if we could use the present British one to play around with the necessary mods’ to achieve a minimum .800 rating for the YV SMS system.

Please note that the minimum power for a sportsboat outboard is 3HP!



From Yachting Victoria’s web site:

Sportsboat Measurement System: SMS

The formation of the Australian Sportsboat Association (ASBA) and the growth in the numbers of these types of boats has resulted in problems arising with sportsboats sailing in mixed fleets on AMS handicaps. The AMS handicap was developed specifically for the measurement rating of relatively heavy displacement keelboats and is not suitable for the handicapping of boats built to other design parameters.

The desire by ASBA to adopt a national measurement system for sportsboats resulted in a decision being taken by the YV Measurement Handicap Committee to create a new system under the banner of Sportsboat Measurement System (SMS). Whilst this system will be in a development phase for several years all boats categorised as Sportsboats shall be issued an SMS handicap on a provisional basis in future.

It is likely that there will be many adjustments to the formulae over the trial period and handicaps should only be regarded as provisional until designated otherwise.

The SMS handicap will be designed to handicap Sportsboats sailing as a fleet. If clubs wish to allow sportsboats to compete in mixed fleets then the Notice of Race will need to indicate the terms on which the SMS handicap applies.

We will try to keep in touch with clubs, owners and measurers during this development period and if any queries arise please direct them to this committee via the Yachting Victoria office.


John Chatham
YV Measurement Handicap Committee.

From the ASBA website

ABSA has adopted SMS™ as its primary handicapping system. SMS is the Sports Boat Measurement System developed by Yachting Victoria. SMS is a derivative of AMS.

The SMS handicaps are based on measurement of the hull, displacement, and sail measurements of the vessel and a time on time rating is calculated. This rating is applied to the elapsed time of the boat to obtain its corrected time for the race.

SMS has been split off from the rest of the AMS population to allow for development of the system to better recognise the unique characteristics of sports boats. This system will be developed over time to ensure it best meets the needs of sports boat sailors in Australia.

ASBA’s technical committee discusses feedback from members and presents this to the VYC Measurement and Handicapping Committee to ensure that the formula is developed through direct input of the Australia sports boat sailing community and ASBA members.

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