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What weight for RL28 Furling Headsail?
G'day. I need to replace my standard 10m2 headsail, which furls/reefs on a PVC headfoil. I don't know the weight of the dacron fabric on the old (possibly original) sail, but it is certainly not heavy & is considerably lighter than the original No2.

I have one loft suggesting 7.5 oz dacron cloth & another (NZ) loft saying 5.6 is plenty. The weight doesn't seem to make much difference to the price. given the light displacement of our boats, I'm inclined to go lighter for better light air performance, but obviously heavier should last better.

Has anyone been through this experience recently, or know the weight of their existing headsail or that recommended? Should a reefing-furler sail be heavier?

Comments appreciated, as I need to make a decision in time for a (road) trip to the Whitsundays in October.
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Re: What weight for RL28 Furling Headsail?
For the record, I went for the lighter 5.6oz cloth from Doyles & am very happy with it. it is similar to the original in weight, only much stiffer, particularly with added luff padding & UV strips - & much whiter!
Malcolm17-Nov-2008    Edit    Delete 

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