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status 580 (19) moulds ? New boats ?
I have been involved with Status 580's with my work and was enquiring
as to where the moulds or new boats may be sought. Any leads or assistance would be appreciated.
ian wall25-Jul-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: status 580 (19) moulds ? New boats ?
The last thing I knew was that Jon Simmonds who was connected to "Timpenny Yachts" had the Status moulds in Sydney.
Rob25-Jul-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: status 580 (19) moulds ? New boats ?

I was told by a person who wanted to purchase the moulds that the 580 hull mould was used to make the Slipstream TY and that the 580 deck mould was destroyed. See previous posts below.


PS Go through all the threads in this forum and you find all sorts of info and data on the status 19, '580' and the 'Slipstream

Status Slipstream Moulds
The moulds for the Status Slipstream are in Canberra and are open to offer in Ebay right now! No offers above $1000 have been received so far and the moulds can be bought right now for the mighty sum of $2000!
11-Oct-2006 Ed

Re: NSW Status 580 Class Rules
NSW Status 580 Association Rules
LOA 5.80 m Mainsail 11 sq.m.
LWL 5.00 m Jib 5.6 sq.m.
Beam 2.20 m Spinnaker 22 sq.m.
Draft 0.2/1.2 m Displacement 400 kgs.
Swing Keel weight 120 kgs as supplied by Builder
Rudder design optional and roller reefing permitted on Jib.

Mast: Black Bands Not less than 10mm thick
Band 1. Lower edge, not more than 7450 mm above deck step.
Band 2. Upper edge nut more than 6800 below the lower edge of Band 1.

Spreaders: 560 mm MAX. Height above deck step 3300 mm MAX.

Hounds: Height above deck step 5800 mm MAX.

Boom: Aluminium Maximun length of boom 2900 mm.
Black band. inner edge not more than 2600 mm from the aft edge of mast.

Spinnaker Pole: Aluminium Overall length including fittings 2300 mm MAX.

Mainsail: Length of leech 7300 mm MAX. Length of foot 2600 mm MAX.
From the half and three quarters high on leech to the closest point on luff 1700 mm and 1020 mm MAX.
Width of headboard 140 mm MAX Not more than four (4) battens are permitted.
The batten pockets shall divide the leech into equal parts + or – 100 mm measured to the lower edge of each pocket. Full length battens are permitted

Jib: Half the luff length of the jib multiplied by a measurement from the intersection of the clew to the shortest distance to the luff shall not exceed 5.5 m2. The leech shall not be convex. Maximum foot round is 100 mm.
Three leech battens total max length 870 mm. Single batten length 300 MAX,

Spinnaker Luff 6370 mm MAX.
foot 4225 mm MAX.
Half height width 4180 mm MAX.
Halyard height from deck step 6250 mm MAX
Double luff only permitted

Re: Status Slipstream


All The Status Slipstream class dimensions are in Yachting Victoria’s web site. Click on the Divisions tab then click on Victorian Trailable Division then on CBH handicaps then on detailed CBH and then look at the figures for the Status Slipstream.

You could maybe also contact the Canberra Yacht Club and try and get in touch with the person there who was selling the moulds. I think he is the only boat fibreglasser in the ACT. I was told that he also had the moulds for the contender and the flying dutchman.

I remember racing against the prototype Slipstream in NSW TYA races way back in the early eighties. She was a light air rocket machine but when the wind kicked in she was uncontrolable. She had a hot shot crew on board then and yet even they had trouble keeping her flat going to windward and down wind they also had problems handling her with her very big spinnaker!!!

I reckon trailer yacht CBH racing is at the point of colapse at the moment and I think the only way to go is your way, which is the sports boat way. I am thinking though maybe your choice of boat is not the best?

Alastair27-Jul-2008    Edit    Delete 

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