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Last of the boating stories from Rob Legg
The last of the boating stories from Rob Legg is now available on the RL Story page or click here.

Many thanks to Rob for keeping us entertained with these stories of his adventures, and mis-adventures, in and around boats.
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Re: Last of the boating stories from Rob Legg
I researched your ship Edina and she definitely was one really old iron ship when you were on her as a boy. In 1938 she was converted into a lighter and was totally scrapped in 1958. With her impressive history and American Civil war record she should never have been broken up. You can buy a print of an oil painting of her with sails up in the Library of Victoria web site.

Edina. Iron steamer, 380/223 tons. # 11136. Built by the Barclay Curle Company in Glasgow, 1854: reg. Melbourne 1863. Length 171 x beam 23-6 x draught12-7 ft. Initially rigged with three masts and a funnel between the main and mizzen. One of Australia’s most famous steamers.

Ran for a time in the North Sea trade, and because of her speed, was a blockade runner during the Crimean War where she experienced the first of her many collisions when she rammed a Russian ship in 1863, ran bales of cotton out of Galveston in Texas during the American Civil War, at the time rigged as a three-masted steamer.

In 1865 came to Australia and ran from Portland to Melbourne, then to New Zealand when gold was discovered there. In 1880 ran on the Melbourne-Geelong passenger and freight service, with an altered rig of only one mast.

She had many further collisions and ‘incidents’ during her long life, and became known as a ‘collision specialist’, economic conditions forced her from service in 1938. Owned by Warrnambool Steam Packet Co. Ltd when she ran the coast to Warrnambool and Portland, but better known later in the bay trade.

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