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RL28 mast base
Can anyone tell me where I can obtain a mast base for a RL28.
Tony Dickers
tony Dickers4-Jul-2008  
Re: RL28 mast base
Keeley holdings 2/6 Horscroft place Moorabbin Melb (03)98554965
Re: RL28 mast base
Thanks greg il give them a try
tony dickers5-Jul-2008  
Re: RL28 mast base
The tabernacle originally fitted as standard to the RL28 was the Fico FG1641-C for the Comalco Mast Section E. This apparently is no longer made.
Keith Merkley6-Jul-2008  
Re: RL28 mast base
Junto update this thread I bought a new base of Bob this week. Pleased to say he's still going strong,which is more than can be said for my old mast base....
Ian davison29-May-2013  

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