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Replying to:Winch renovations
On this Winters 'to-do' list I plan to overhaul my RL24 mkIII centreboard winch.

Brendan B posted a while back on using 'Plasma' rope as a cable replacement. I'd like to contact Brendan but he didn't leave an email address - can you contact me please? Anyway, I'm interested in going this way, but haven't found much info on this specific product - a google search turns up some 4x4 winch info, but little else. Where can you get this stuff? I haven't found it at Whitworths, etc. What size (diameter) is best?

My current winch has a rubber sheet between itself and the top of the table/centerboard case. This rubber is pretty old, and the hole which the cable passes is quite large. The result is that in any sort of a sea regular 'spurts' of water come through the hole, wetting the table, cabin floor, etc. Its easy enough to plug up the hole, but still annoying.

So, is there a better way to seal the winch, to make the cabin watertight? Or should I just use a new bit of 'rubber' and live with the 'spurts'??

I was thinking of using either thicker rubber and/or grease. Perhaps something like a stern gland on keel boats?

All help greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Rick Stockman