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Winch renovations
On this Winters 'to-do' list I plan to overhaul my RL24 mkIII centreboard winch.

Brendan B posted a while back on using 'Plasma' rope as a cable replacement. I'd like to contact Brendan but he didn't leave an email address - can you contact me please? Anyway, I'm interested in going this way, but haven't found much info on this specific product - a google search turns up some 4x4 winch info, but little else. Where can you get this stuff? I haven't found it at Whitworths, etc. What size (diameter) is best?

My current winch has a rubber sheet between itself and the top of the table/centerboard case. This rubber is pretty old, and the hole which the cable passes is quite large. The result is that in any sort of a sea regular 'spurts' of water come through the hole, wetting the table, cabin floor, etc. Its easy enough to plug up the hole, but still annoying.

So, is there a better way to seal the winch, to make the cabin watertight? Or should I just use a new bit of 'rubber' and live with the 'spurts'??

I was thinking of using either thicker rubber and/or grease. Perhaps something like a stern gland on keel boats?

All help greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Rick Stockman

Rick Stockman3-Apr-2002    Edit    Delete 
Winch Rope
Have replied by email
Brendanb5-Apr-2002    Edit    Delete 
Keel Winch
Rick, i am not very happy with my current Keel winch setup and I will be replacing with a 2 triple blocks, say Ronsyan 50s. One of the blocks will have a cleat, similar to that used on the mainsheet, and will be placed at the hatch end of the keel casing, this hopefully can then be operated from the cockpit, making it possible to raise and lower the keel while still seeing what is oncoming. I picked this idea up from a more youthful looking 24 than mine. Though you may wish to consider this. If you see any floors in this plan please let me know.

Cheers Anthony

Anthony Main15-May-2002    Edit    Delete 
I have used that system for some time. It is great. If you have a long enough tail on the rope you can raise and lower the keel from the cockpit..

Cheers Dave

dave parker6-Jun-2002    Edit    Delete 
Quiet Keels
:), At least they wont hear the winch clinking away once the top mark is rounded.
Chester15-Jun-2002    Edit    Delete 

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