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Replying to:Bay to Bay 2008
What a ripper. 15 24 sk's, 3 dk's and 5 28's competed. Wind varied from not enough to at times too much (at least the 3 boats that broke masts thought so) but, then again, they weren't RL's. Best by a goodly margin was Steve North in "Go For It" and a worthy winner of the inaugural RL challenge trophy, awarded on PBH but as they also took out CBH for division 3 there was a bit of justice. Having June and Jenny Legg to present the trophy was absolutely icing on the cake. "Apache" was 2nd on PBH and "Hart Beat" third. Other boats to perform well were "Canuk", 2nd RL sk across the line on Sunday, "KD", best of the drop keels and "Flying Fox", the top 28. On the social side, we learnt that a raft of 5 RL's with a total crew of 16.3 can swing off a 5 kg claw anchor in a 5 knot current at Garry's Anchorage. Saturday's start was moved North, awaiting more breeze. It finally kicked in with a good 15 knot soueaster. The spinnaker reach from S38 to Garry's was where this leg was won and lost. Clear air was at a premium. Sunday's start was also moved North to Sheridan Flats due to concerns about the breeze. We sailed to the relocated start, so the concerns were unfounded. Again clear air was needed to make the turning mark near Deep Creek and those that found it did well. Apart from one short spell when the breeze swung NE, it was spinnakers all the way to the finish. I'll send in the best pics as I get them. Cheers