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Status Slipstream Spreaders
I would be greatful if an owner of a Status Slipstream would advise the length of their spreaders from the side of the mast to the end of their spreader. Thank you.
Rick S    Edit    Delete 
Re: Status Slipstream Spreaders
Hi. My slipstream uses a goldspar mast from an E780 and is double swept spreader config. It uses standard chainplates so the measurements should be about the same. from tip to tip it is 1500mm and has a sweep of about 400mm, my mast section is larger than standard but the distance is 830mm from mast to tip. I hope this has helped. Regards, Nick.
Nick Stirling    Edit    Delete 
Re: Status Slipstream Spreaders
Nick, Thank you for information.When I made up my spreaders I based my measurements on the Status 580 rig;not realizing that the chainplates on the Slipstream were closer to the gunwhale than the chainplated on the Status 580.
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