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My Rl24 Mk3 has foam in the forward and under cockpit bouyancy areas with inspection ports. The foam (I guess) is expanding foam as it fill the areas completely.

1. What is the advantage of this over leaving the areas sealed and airtight. (I am assuming the inspection ports and foam was added after manufacture.) and I assume that these bouyancy areas were airtight at manufacture.

2. How can I tell if the foam is past it?

3. what should I do if the foam is past it.

Water has got into the bouyancy area under the cockpit. I've replaced the inspection port and pumped out the water. I had to dig into the foam to the bottom of this area so that I could pump it out but the remaining foam is intact. The dry season in Darwin will take care of any excess moisture, but I don't know if the foam will still do the job it was intended to do.

Any advice appreciated.
Mike Skinner    Edit    Delete 
Re: Bouyancy
Hi Mike I have a mk1 that had the same foam under the cockpit floor, it was wet so I made a hole from one side to the other close to the under side of the cockpit floor put a wire through and used that to cut the lot out, the wood bulkheads were wet so after a while they would rot I then sealed both sides with ply and fibreglass and put in inspection ports, the port side icebox was removed also.My thoughts were that if it had become wet once then it will do it again so I felt something had to be done.
Andrew    Edit    Delete 

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