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RL24's in Florida USA
I have a wife that I love very much and 2 children that I am very proud of and a big problem. I have a girlfriend! I spend all my time with her. She is 24 feet long and I have never sailed her yet. Yes I am talking about my new (old) sailboat. I spend many hours every weekend working on her in hopes of sailing her in about 3 more weeks. My wife is very understanding of my new love because she knows that she (wife) is #1 and my boat (Flinker) is my second love. I have limited sailing experience and am trying to rebuild a nice boat. I am looking for someone in the North East Florida area that has an RL24 and sails it regularly. I would love to see your boat and get your advice on updating my boat. Rob Legg and a few others have been very very helpful on the internet but they are not here. I am a see and do kind of guy so I need to see what you do. Let me know if you would be willing to show me the ropes. Thanks, Bill Sweers
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