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Replying to:Bay to Bay nominations
Bay to Bay nominations must be in by 18 April to qualify for the discounted price. The $85 entry fee jumps to $140 after this date. The whole thing can be done on-line through the Hervey Bay Sailing Club web site but the entry form is a real pain. Skippers are being encouraged to use the facilities at Tin Can Bay marina. It appears Queensland Transport have decreed that the days of dropping your pick in front of Tin Can Bay Sailing Club are over. The marina went out of their way to accomodate the fleet last year at a very reasonable rate. The setup at Garry's Anchorage has also been changed. No bar, no catering, no smelly portaloos. The cost of transporting facilities plus a dwindling labour force has forced this. It means that if you want to gather for a drink ashore, take your own (and take away your empties). Since we were made aware a few years back of just what an excellent bainemarie the metho stove makes, we've been enjoying some excellent hot meals on board. This year I think it's pork vindaloo and rice. Unfortunately "Boxer" won't be sailing this year, so the usual horses doovers, jatz biscuits topped with smoked trout and horseradish cream, will be missing. All those technicalities aside, the fun won't diminish in any way and the RL Challenge adds a whole new dimension to the equation. Cheers