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Any advice on mooring an RL24! The harbor is plenty deep to have the keel fully extended. Swing keel fully up, partially or completely down while moored? In general, are the two cleats on the bow sufficiently strong for a mooring? Use both cleats? Has anyone ever made use of the ring on the bow, the one used to pull the boat on the trailer, as an extra line to the mooring? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you, Hal Murray in the USA.
Hal Murray8-Mar-2002    Edit    Delete 
I would suggest you make sure the cleats have "re-enforcement" such as metal plate or hard wood thru bolted to the two bow cleats. A double bridle for the mooring should be sufficient but make sure the line is well secured with the proper knot, bowline or loop thru the cleat and secured. I would not suggest using the trailer bow ring unless you know how well secured it is with a back plate in addition to the rated load it can take. I think you will find leaving the board down will get too much play and movement in addition to underwater growth etc. Leaving it up or maybe a few inches down is what I have done with other centerboard boats. Also, I have utilized the trailer bow ring for an extra anchor when I would be gone for a long period of time or in very bad weather conditions. Hope this opinion helps. Just don't trust anything without the proper backing plate....

Bob Neiman9-Mar-2002    Edit    Delete 

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