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status580 handicap
I bought a Status 580 recently and have started racing in trailable fleets. But I don't know its handicap. People will give me a Status Slipstream handicap but that boat has a bigger rig. My guess is that its handicap would be .695 or .700. Can anyone help? Kevin
Kevin O'Neill 3-Mar-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: status580 handicap
Yachting South Australia cites a "Stratus 580" (probably a misprint) at 0.665. For comparison, they give 0.751 for a RL24 DK and 0.719 for a SK. Applying appropriate ratios, this would give 0.671-0.673 in the Victorian system.

See http://www.sa.yachting.org.au/site/yachting/sa/downloads/DATA%20TABLES/O5-06%20TY%20CBH%20Ratings.pdf
Matthew FRANCIS 3-Mar-2008    Edit    Delete 

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