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Bay to Bay advice
Hi, I've recently bought an RL24 mk3 and have been having a ball sailing over the past month. I'm keen to enter the Bay to Bay but was thinking it might be good to join a club to get some race experience and a handicap. Am I right in thinking I need to join a club to go in the Bay to Bay? I think the Trailer Sailer club of QLD sail RL's so I might give them a try. Is there any advice you could give to someone who is pretty new to sailing but keen to enter the Bay to Bay?
Paul27-Feb-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Bay to Bay advice
You didn't mention where you live; that should determine which club you join. Make sure it's a club that includes social cruising in the calendar.
If you check out the Hervey Bay Sailing Club web site, you'll see that you can join that club for the purpose of competing in the Bay to Bay, so that's an option in the short term.
As far as handicaps are concerned, B2B officials will issue a bench mark Class Based Handicap for your boat and over a few years will adjust that and your Performance Based Handicap. You also didn't mention which boat you purchased. If it has a B2B track record, then you will probably inherit the handicaps already established.
As for entering the B2B, don't even think about not doing it. A lot of TS owners are reluctant to enter a "race" for whatever reason. They fail to realise that by doing the odd race they become better sailors simply by observing what the other boats around them are doing. That in turn adds to enjoyment and safety in the cruising scene.
Other benefits of entering the B2B include making new friends, enjoying bonding sessions with your crew, sightseeing in the Great Sandy Strait and just having a ball. For testimonials, talk to the crews of Touche, Apache, Hart Beat, Mistress, Chinook, Tigress etc etc. You'll be sent a list of entries, so make a point of getting to know some of the other RL sailors.
PS Two warnings; don't forget the Bushman's and don't get so serious that you lose sight of the primary objective, which is to have fun.

Mike29-Feb-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Bay to Bay advice
Hi Paul I am A member Moreton Bay Trailer Boat club and race in our combined series made up of three other clubs, Royal QLD, Wynnum Manly and Trailer Sailer Club Of QLD held each month which attracts 65-70 boats. Being a member of a club enables you to sail in other clubs open events which means you can sail every weekend if you wish, Morton Bay Trailer Boat Club also has fasilities on South Stradbroke Island called South Havern beside Tipplers resort, check out the MBTBC web site for more info or call me on 38480756 hope to here from you soon Andrew.
Andrew Pike (Slyfox)1-Mar-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Bay to Bay advice
Don't worry Mike, fun was my main aim. I'm kind of working backwards- I was looking at buying an RL24 when (through other owners) I was bitten with the BTB bug and am now trying to improve my sailing so when I do enter the 'race' all I have to worry about is having too much fun. Some of the guys you mentioned have already been very helpful. The active and very friendly RL community combined with the design of a trailable yacht that can race well but also safely include my young family in crusing and exploring our great waterways is why I'm on this site writing to you.
I purchased Steel Away which is a mark 3 and has sail number 316. I live on the northern side of Brisbane and I was wondering if there was any particular clubs that had a few RL's.
Andrew's sugestion of MBTBC sounds good even though it would be a trip over the Gateway each meeting. I was also wondering if some clubs allowed you to leave your yacht parked in their yard on it's trailer with the mast up ready for the next outing.
Anyway thanks for you advice and I hope to see you in the Sandy Straight.

Paul3-Mar-2008    Edit    Delete 
QCYC at cabbage tree creek at shorncliffehas a couple of rls, there is a waiting list to store boats on the hardstand
KEN8-Mar-2008    Edit    Delete 
WMYC boat storage
Wynnum Manly Yacht club also has storage for boats on trailers and a good well protected ramp but, like QCYC, there is a waiting list.
Keith Merkley9-Mar-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Bay to Bay advice
MBTBC has boat storage and there is always vacant spots so you may not have to wait.
Andrew Pike (slyfox16-Mar-2008    Edit    Delete 

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