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RL24s are Australian Trailerable Yacht Champions for 2008
RL24's have done the class proud again - they won both Div 1 & Div 2 of the Australian Trailer 2008 Championships held at Geelong Skandia Australia Day Weekend.

It was very exciting - 5 RL24's contested the series -
Whatever(Darren Dyer)- Swing Keel was winner in Div. 1
Ohau Rua (Simon Walsh) - Drop Keel was winner in Div. 2.

They won over other classes of boats such as Magnums, Noelexs, Farrs, Elliots etc. The five boats entered were: (Click to enlarge)

Click to enlarge
(Darren Dyer)

Click to enlarge
Ohau Rua
(Simon Walsh)

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Lowana V
(Simon Vaughan)

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(Paul Davis)

Click to enlarge
Pipe Dream
(Adam Chambers)

Congratulations to all RLs that competed.

More details at Skandia Geelong Week .

Jane Davis 1-Feb-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24s are Australian Trailerable Yacht Champions for 2008
A great result, and congratulations to all that competed, especially Darren and Simon and their crews. You make me proud!
Jane ,it is good to hear the news and results from down south, keep up the good work.
Rob. 1-Feb-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24s are Australian Trailerable Yacht Champions for 2008
Congratulations to both Simon Walsh and Darryn Dyer and their crews in winning at the Australian Trailer Yacht Championships. Thank you to all the other RL 24 who represented the RL 24 class at the TY National titles. Just like the old days the RL 24 class had the ‘mostest’ number of boats in the event!

I am a happy chappie too as I have searched through ever piece of documention in the 'Skandia Geelong' website and the dreaded letters ‘CBH’ do not appear! Plenty of IRC, AMS, YV, PH and EHC but no CBH. What does EHC mean? Did you race under the 2007 National Trailer Yacht and Sports Boat Rules?

I am telling you that Trailer Yachts need a new totally computerised VPP system of handicapping.

Thank you Jane and Keith for the lovely input to this forum. I really enjoyed clicking on the photo and having a close look at the layout on the boats.

Alastair 2-Feb-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24s are Australian Trailerable Yacht Champions for 2008
Series Entries

Trailer Yacht National Championships


A DOG'S LIFE Chris Tulloch MYA Magnum 8.5 VIC 0.772 2

CORDON BLEU Rob Ballard GTYC Farr 7500 VIC 0.708 1

DOINITEZY Rob Feigan SYC Ross 780 VIC 0.795 2


GALATEA Grant Smith GRYC Restricted 21 SA 3.000 3

KINDRED SPIRIT Ted Philipps BYCLUB Castle 650 VIC 0.725 1

LOWANA 5 Simon Vaughan MYC RL24 NSW 0.725 2

MAGIC Graham Puffett DSC ELLIOT5.9 NT 0.775 2

MAGIC PUDDING Philip Mannes MYC ZEEMIN 6.5 VIC 0.680 1

OHAU-RUA Simon Walsh LWYC RL24 DK VIC 0.760 2

PIPEDREAM Adam Chambers CYC RL 24 DK VIC 0.760 2

PLANE SAILING Peter Kalin AWYC Noelex 25 VIC 0.725 1

RUM RUNNER Phil Clements AWYC Noelex 25 NSW 0.725 1

SCANNER John Stickland RGYC MASRM 24 VIC 0.770 2

STREET CAR Paul Davis CYC RL24 VIC 0.725 1

TAINUI Ron Parker MTYC Noelex 25 VIC 0.725 1

TARQUIN 2 Reinier Van Dyk MYC Castle650 VIC 0.725 1

TOUCH THE WILD Harry Jakobs AWYC Noelex 25 NSW 0.725 1

WHATEVER159 Darryn Dyer LWYC RL 24 (SK) VIC 0.725 1

ZILZIE EXPRESS John Carlé AWYC Sonata 26 NSW 0.728 2

Alastair 2-Feb-2008    Edit    Delete 

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