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diesel numbers
Does Rob know how many RL28's were fitted with diesels as compared with outboards and why?
Kay& kingsley White
kingsley white 21-Jan-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: diesel numbers
Kay and Kingsley.
Around twenty five RL28s were factory fitted (10%) with diesel motors, most of these were "Volvo Penta sail drive" units, and there were several with conventional inboard installations (not the best option).

Some of these boats were intended for serious prolonged cruising and three had long sea deliveries to New Guinie, Indonesia, and Gove. One boat that I am aware of that was built in 1982 with a sail drive installed recently reached 10,000 hours on the clock, and that is a potential of some 80,000 plus KM travelled.

The main reason that more were not fitted was the initial cost (twice the price of an equivalent outboard), also there was the need to immerse the trailer when launching and retrieving because of the depth of the fixed foot.

Sailing performance was good using the folding propellor, but these proved rather fragile and needed to be replaced regularly. George Backhouse won many races in "Wizard of OZ" and "Another Wizard" including a "Bay to Bay race" in his 28 with a sail drive installation.

Unfortunately a lot of people don't understand and are scared of diesel units in boats.

For installation details, see the story Designing the RL28
Rob. 21-Jan-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: diesel numbers
As on the original survey on engines, my boat is fitted with a Bukh 20 hp diesel. I don't know if this was origial.
The oldest info on this boat gives its name as "Valeen", and could have come from the Makay region. Was also known as "Solitare" at one stage......any one know about this boat??
P. Taylor 23-Jan-2008    Edit    Delete 

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