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Outboard for rl24 well
Lots of talk about rl28s but what is the best or most common outboard used in the rl24 well i have a mariner 15hp that i want to change to a smaller and lighter engine what suites best?

greg 21-Jan-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Outboard for rl24 well
The 6 HP 4 stroke short shaft mecury fits and works very well
ken 21-Jan-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Outboard for rl24 well
I have a 5hp Mariner short shaft with a high thrust propellor that works fine.

Different models have different outboard mounting plate positions, I have a late model yacht with the plate forward. The outboard just tilts inside the transom and the cowl just clears the rudder handle in all positions. I have a small amount of turn possible on the motor to steer when I have the drop rudder up.

Fuel consumption seems to be about 1.5 liters per hour at 2/3 throttle and a comfortable 5 knots.

Reverse thrust is limited on the 5hp propellor due to cavitation, thrust in forward gear is impressive.

Noise and smoke are issues for some, on longer trips I set the tiller pilot and move forward. Wish I had bought a tiller pilot with a remote control.
greg 21-Jan-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Outboard for rl24 well
I am not 100% sure here, but I think an outboard that fits a RL mark 2 and mark 3 may not fit the mark 1 engine well. I will take a punt and say that in the early mark 1 days, the RL 24 was a ‘proper racing boat’ and the outboard was designed not to be tilted but to be lifted out of the well and put in the cabin when not required? This was the done thing back then with many racing keel boats Anyway this thread will have to be classed as a ‘We will have to ask Rob’ or WWHTAR to abbreviate?

It was only when the TYA associations changed their rules and stated that 'the outboard had to be mounted in its operating position at all times when racing' that I hit compliance problems with my mark 1. I was at one stage going to fit a light weight 3.3 hp outboard on the transom and fit twin rudders!

Then I thought how about using a whipper snipper fitted with a propeller or even fitting a small lightweight portable engine driven fire pump up forward which would suck from the centre board box and jet out down aft. In the 80’s the then big powerful new tug installed down in Port Kembla could do 2 knots using its powerful fire engine when they pointed the fire fighting systems big mounted water jets into the water down aft!

Alastair 21-Jan-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Outboard for rl24 well
Your assumption that the origonal RL24s motor wells were intended to have the motors removed while raceing is correct, and a plug was dropped in to place to fill the void, this proved to be very efficient, and we even practised a routine for replaceing the motor in an emergency.
The origonal specification was for motors up to 6HP. and the 6hp "Mercury" was the ideal motor with its under water exhaust, later on we moved the motor mounting a little further inboard to allow the motor to be lifted and tilted in position, and still used a plug while raceing. For boats just cruising there is no problem just leaving the motor in place. With the correct propeller fitted I see no reason to fit more than a 6 HP short shaft motor on a RL24
Rob. 22-Jan-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Outboard for rl24 well
sounds like the 6hp 4 stroke would be ideal just for the record my rl24 mk3 had the 15hp motor fitted by the previous owner because it was based in the north west with big tides running which is not needed in perth waters
greg 23-Jan-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Outboard for rl24 well
I replaced the original (since 1986 anyway) Suzuki 8HP 2-stroke on my RL24 Mk 3 last year with a Honda 5HP 4-stroke. Brilliant outboard for the boat for lakes/inshore work. Quiet and fuel efficient (a couple of not so memorable 'fuel' events with a thirsty 2-stroke in years gone by). The Honda produces more power down low in the rev range than many 6HP motors where you only see the extra 1HP at very high revs. I haven't needed full throttle in Pittwater or Canberra lakes, even in 20+kts wind. The Honda is much taller above the mounting hinge than the Suzuki so I had to modify the tiller to raise it up above the outboard when tilted. I made a 2 piece blanking plug for the outboard well that fits under the Honda if I ever get that serious.
Alex 23-Jan-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Outboard for rl24 well

How did you make the plug for the well. I want to make one up for my boat before this years racing begins. I'm not sure how to get started.

Mike Skinner 26-Jan-2008    Edit    Delete 

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