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Trailer for RL 24
Bought my boat with a single axle Boeing Trailer with a GVM of 750kg. Probably a bit on the light side but since the boat and trailer have been together since 1985 I'm assuming its been a "good marriagea". I have have a niggling doubt however. Can some kind current or past RL24 owner send me specs or a picture of a suitable trailer

Geoffrey McLean11-Feb-2002    Edit    Delete 
trailer for rl24
I have a spartan trailer, single axel, with breaks on the trailer--coaster breaks I think they are called. I always got the impression that one axis was a bit light for what I was hauling but seems fine. I stay under 55 mph with the boat. Two axils gives you twice as much to worry about. As to pictures, I found this RL24 in WI (USA) for sale. Not a great picture but hope it gives you some idea. http://www.sailboathouse.com/boatdetails.php?boat_id=13 Fair winds, Hal
Hal Murray12-Feb-2002    Edit    Delete 

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