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RL24 sole (floor)
My RL does not currently have a floor - a previous owner has cut it out (lightening boat?? looking for leaks??). It looks to me like the floor was originally glassed in. This would make sense as it would provide a fair bit of bouyancy at almost no space cost.

I was thinking of replacing the sole and wondered if someone could confirm that the RL24 was designed with a sealed cabin sole (I have 2 hoses aft that would allow drainage in the event of minor leaks).
I thought I would add a couple of inspection ports just to be sure.
Phillip Hawes 2-Jan-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 sole (floor)
Suggest no cutting has been done. My RL24 is same except came with ply floor, 2 pieces easily removed for cleaning etc. Identical to your photograph. I have just started a refit of my boat, but if you are interested should be able to get photographs of floor sections. They have reinforcing on underside.
Kerry Jones 3-Jan-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 sole (floor)
Kerry is correct, Factory finished 24s were fitted with removable floors, although some home finished boats may have tried to seal them off, not a good idea as bouyancy is best high and wide, and sealing off a potentialy damp place would do more harm than good long term.
Rob 3-Jan-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 sole (floor)
Floor was definitely sealed at some point in time - roughly cut glass edges and saw cuts attest to that.

Will neaten up and fit removable floor sheets. Kerry, would welcome a few photos, if it is not too much trouble.

Phillip 3-Jan-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 sole (floor)
Happy to organise some photographs, boat presently at my fabrication works in Capalaba so I will photograph panels etc at beginning of next week.
regards Kerry
Kerry Jones 5-Jan-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 sole (floor)
Took Photo of the floor sections (3) but afraid file is larger than 50kb. Happy to email you direct if you send contact details to me at modcon@internode.on.net
regards Kerry
Kerry Jones 10-Jan-2008    Edit    Delete 

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