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RL28 Stay tension?
I would like to know if anyone knows the stay tension on an RL28, or if someone could tell me an alternative way to tension them
Peter Buchanan9-Feb-2002    Edit    Delete 
Stay Tension
I recently retightened my sidestays as the mast was tilting to windward. But whilst doing this I became aware that the FORESTAY tension will adjust the rearward backstay! I had loosened that some years ago when I let the mast down the first time and (blush) forgot to retighten it to its former tension. I have top diamonds which I tune by ear, like a bass guitar. ALSO very important, check and if necessary replace the tiny bits of masonite?? that act as a "washer" in the cabin roof to stop the rearward backstay pulling through the roof. I used a 4mm thick alloy plate 150x75 mm. Glad I did becos next weekend we got hit by a 50 knot buster in Hervey Bay. Tighten till the mast stays straight, then road-test! Cheers Phil Macqueen
Phil Macqueen (Shalimar)26-Mar-2002    Edit    Delete 

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