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Sail numbers
Interested in your sail number. We have R.L.24 with sail no. 420. Name is Ruby Jay. We feel this may not be her original sail wardrobe. Would this be a mk11 or mk111? We think it is mk1 but we've been getting conflicting reports on her pedigree. Have you any info for us
Gareth & Bill Asher24-Dec-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: Sail numbers
I have sail no 434 which is an RL24 Mk4 which is the Mk3 with drop keel.

I can't tell you a manufacture date but I can tell you my yacht has the engine mount in the well forward about 50mm compared with earlier models. The factory rudder has a bent aluminium frame that uses square sections and she has a fractional rig without back stay.
Greg25-Dec-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: Sail numbers
Still trying to research history of Ruby Jay sail id 420. I have been in contact with Clive at Allwood Sails who did a lot of work for Rob. Ruby is mkI - wooden gunn'ls and all. The sail number is not a boat number. It is in the wrong place on the sail. Back to back instead of below the RL logo on either side. Greg at George Manders (who made the sails we have) can even tell me who stitched the darned things. The number wasn't put on by Manders. Club number for race id is the suggestion. My son and I bought her from James Clow at Sippy Downs Sunshine Coast November 2007. He said he cruised her for about a year. The discussion Forum note from Charles Bartley says his son bought (or acquired) her from Noosa RYC. Nomad has said he has knowledge of the boat at Noosa. I've been up to the club and spoke to Paul there. He remembers the name and says the boat was parked (or dumped) there and no-one seems to know by whom. There my trail comes to a halt. Her hull was originally yellow which Clive (Allwood) says is unusual. The bottom of the rudder blade is still yellow. She was built in 1980 or even before so some-one owned her. She was raced at Hollywell Gold Coast for a time ,and did reasonably well, by young Bartley. Hollywell know her name. Everyone I speak to knows her name. She must have a been a very available chick! But where the heck was she before 2006. If anyone has info we would be most grateful. Bill & Gareth.
Gareth & Bill Asher29-Feb-2008    Edit    Delete 

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