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any info on RL 34s
Looking to buy a yacht and love the concept of the lift keel.
How well do RL34s sail?And are they still being made?
Some years ago i neally bought a hull out of Landsborough Q and was
going to have deck made in place north of Gympie(gunalda)He seemed a
bit shifty a the time,so i pulled out.Maybe someone knows of him?
murray20-Sep-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: any info on RL 34s
Rl34s are no longer being made. They are sometimes for sale on this site and try boatpoint.com.au and yachthub.com.au. I think you made a wise decision in pulling out of the hull purchase at the time. Their shallow draft makes them ideal coastal cruising boats and some have ventured further afield.

Keith Merkley27-Sep-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: any info on RL 34s
Thanks Keith, we lost several thousand dollars as a deposit and legal fees to get out of the contract on this hull. It appears that this person is out of business. You can only burn so many people by the seems.

RL34s are rare to find. Have been looking in all yachting sites hoping for one to turn up. Sounds like a great boat that Rob Legg designed. Are there any inherit problems that I should be looking for?

murray30-Sep-2007    Edit    Delete 

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