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Sealing up the sides of the outboard well
I have had my RL24 Mk 3 for over 20 years and at the end of every summer one of the jobs I've always put on the winter list was sealing up the wells either side of the outboard well to increase the bouyancy aft (they always seem to collect water despite the bungs being closed due to the open top of each well beside the outboard). Has anyone else tried this? Did it make any difference to how the boat sailed? Thanks for your help.

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Re: Sealing up the sides of the outboard well
Sounds like the same flat topped tanks that are in INMA (Mk4) and the same source of water accumulation.

I tried many times to seal the seam with more water accumulating in the left tank rather than the right tank.

In the end I replaced the bungs with the bung dingy drainers. They are a bung screw fitting with a long flat rubber drain tube. As the water comes in it drains out, particularly on the windward side. Its not perfect but it reduces the weight significantly because the tanks cannot completely fill up.

The drains do make a difference when the yacht is sailing light and high on the water. Cruising with 60 odd liters of fuel in the back tends to keep the stern low and the tanks seldom drain effectively.

So for $20 I solved most of the problem. No more pulling drain plugs out. The plastic drain fittings needed to be siliconed in to make a good seal, they are very cheap mouldings.
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