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keel lock down measurements
Here are the measurements on my 24 for the keel lock down position. My boat is a MKII. The measurements are taken from the centre of the hole to the end of the F/G. I have not measured including any timber trim as trims and c/b case tops may vary.

Case top down = 160mm Front of case aft = 370mm Bolt = 100 x 10 mm

My keel is an origional cast iron swing version. The bolt allows the keel a slight rake aft. IN heavy conditions, we rake the keel back anyway and have it hard against the bolt. the boat performs better with the keel back about 15 degrees.

I hope this helps those looking for info on the subject. Feel free to email me if you want to.


dave1-Feb-2002    Edit    Delete 
Don,t panic about keel swinging thru,roof
I once laid my RL24 over with the mast in the water ( in the swan river RFBYC ) .The keel did not budge & I was able to swim around to stand on it to right the boat.The bow,and stern were both floating up out of the water supported by the belly,ie,no water in the cabin;even the offset stern mount 5hp Mariner was dry!If i was racing regularly ( particularly in the ocean),then i would consider installing a bolt; but for most conditions,i don,t think it would present a hazard.If anyone has had a bad experience i would be interested to hear from them. ensorneil@hotmail.com Fremantle WA.mobile 0407996340
Neil Ensor25-Feb-2002    Edit    Delete 

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