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mast head rig
Our RL28 Rings-n-things has a mast head rig which was fitted to the boat when we bought her. I would like to know if this was fitted at the time of manufacture on some boats.
Our sail number is 169 and I believe it is the original and can this be used to identify the year of manufacture.
Kay & kingsley White
kingsley white 25-Jul-2007  Accept Delete  Edit    Delete 
Re: mast head rig
Kingsley. I remember "Rings and Things" mostly because of the name. The origonal owner was from Broken Hill, and the last contact that I had from him some twenty plus years ago was when the boat had been sailed up to Cook Town, and while there had the head sail stolen, and while the owner was in town phoning us to send another one to him his rudder blade was stolen.
To answer your question. All of the 28s that left our factory were 3/4 rigged, and Rings and things was a completed boat.
I had heard later that the boat had sailed between the mainland and Kangaroo Island in SA and she was mast head rigged then.
Judging by the sail number the boat would have been built around 1986/7.
Rob 25-Jul-2007  Accept Delete  Edit    Delete 
Re: mast head rig
Thanks Rob,
we purchased Rings of Bob Welsh's family in the early ninety's as he had become ill in Queensland and died soon after. Rings was brought to Adelaide and sold through Quin's in Port adelaide.
The mast head rig must have been fitted by Bob Welsh.
Another RL28 called Benchmark which is now moored at Goolwa had one fitted and there was a big improvement in performance.
Going to a mast head rig does not alter the balance of the boat providing that the large headsail is changed to suite the conditions otherwise she will just lay over and round up. I will try to place some pictures in the "picture gallery".
Kay & Kingsley

kingsley white 26-Jul-2007  Accept Delete  Edit    Delete 

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