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Stay Position
Having tracked down some potential "new" sails from an old skiff rig I reckon its time to move from the original(?)MK1 rig of a back stay and separate diamond spreaders to swept back spreaders and no back stay and a roachy mainsail. Can any one advise me on optimum position for the chain plates ..ie how far aft of mast base (-I notice there is a hefty bit of ply glassed in under the gunnell that runs well aft of the existing chain plate position, so I have some room to move ) also position and set up of the spreaders, height up from the mast base and dimensions of the spreaders themselves Thanks Wayne
wayne hill29-Jan-2002    Edit    Delete 
Skiff rig
We have a skiff rig on our mk 1, & the sidestays are set about 750 mm aft of the mast step. The chainplate is actually a sliding track so that when sailing down wind, the leeward stay can be moved forward. If you dont have this facility, the swept back stays will prevent you from letting the main out fully when running square.
Phil Moffatt5-Feb-2002    Edit    Delete 

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