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Keel Movement
G'day All

I am writing to ask what sort of reasonable limit is there for slop in the keel of an RL24. My boat RL124 does have a bit of a clunk when rocking excessively when the keel is down. There are small longitudinal stress cracks in the gel coat along the fillet between the hull and the keel box. They dont apear to move or propagate during rocking of the boat. Is this just a normal thing with swing keels or do I have to shim it. I havent jumped in the water with the keel extended to feel the amount of play so not sure as to the severity.
Any advice appreciated

Dave Martin
David Martin 20-Jun-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: Keel Movement
I also had movement and noises coming from my keel, Rob Legg assured my this wasnt a problem. It was however very annoying when trying to sleep onboard. I removed my keel and Epoxed some old fashioned laminex around the pivet bolt, problem solved.
Martyn 20-Jun-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: Keel Movement
I had the same problem. To fix unscrew centrecase top. Them slide 1, 2 or 3 pieces of formica/laminex offcuts down each side of centreboard. Start with one piece each side and see how this work. Laminex pieces should have a sloping front edge to match front of centreboard box and a slot of the right length to fit over the bolt.They do not need gluing in as they cannot pivot.After 3 yrs I am just staring to get some play again. Offcuts available from kitchen manufacturers etc. Very inexpensive.
David Proctor 22-Jun-2007    Edit    Delete 

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