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Swing Keel lock down pin RL24 MK3
I have to install some sort of locking mechanism. I've been advised by previous RL24 owners to simply drill a hole through the case (high up) and place a bolt through.

Should I be drilling straight through the keel, or behind the keel. Is there an easy way to measure how far along the keel case to drill without opening up the keel case.

Any help appreciated. I've read the forums and the tips page, but still stuck. I like the simplicity of a bolt straight through the case, but concerned about it's correct placement.
Mike Skinner14-May-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: Swing Keel lock down pin RL24 MK3
Bill Post has a suggested way to lock down the RL24 keel in the Tips and Modification section. Click here to go to the page.
Keith Merkley15-May-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: Swing Keel lock down pin RL24 MK3
I too have pondered this problem and have still not found a solution. The suggestion shown is not practical for my boat as I have a folding table and also a partion in that area separating the V berth, I did here that it is possible to place a bolt throught the keel casing but don't fancy drilling holes until I'm 100% sure where to do it? HELP!

Martyn17-May-2007    Edit    Delete 

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